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There are 5,300 colleges in the USA, why would you look at studying elsewhere? 

Here is why we think you should do it:

Earn a bachelor's degree in 3 years, and a master's degree in 1 year

The 6-year graduation rate for first-time, full-time undergraduate students who began seeking a bachelor's degree at a 4-year degree-granting institution in the USA was 59 percent.


Due to the structure of the curriculum in the UK, all degrees finish on time, within 3 years unless the student decides to switch their major, or not pass a school year. Classrooms are not oversubscribed and you will NEVER find a sophmore or senior in your freshman class because classes don't mix. You progress throughout the years with your graduating class, just as you did in High School. You will graduate with a masters degree in the same amount of time as your friends finish a Bachelors in the USA. 


Choose your degree focus right at the application stage

Students in the USA do not study their chosen major until the 3rd year of study. 


Students in the UK start studying their chosen major from day 1. There are no general education classes. All classes are related to your degree specification. So if you chose to study International Politics, you will never have to take a math class ever again!


Complimentary books and electronic books for all

The average cost of books and academic supplies per academic year is $1,170. WOWZA! x 4? 

Books in the UK are often free. YES. Free! Some universities provide ipads with ebook content already loaded onto them. And almost all schools share online reading materials ahead of time which is accessible to all students. If you would like to purchase books, these are available in the bookshop however they are all very well stocked in the libraries. You are not required to purchase reading material for your classes. This is provided by the professors and lecturers. 
London is the most popular destination for students

The UK is a very accommodating city for students from all over the world. London is ranked as the most popular student city in the world. From discounts, to fantastic public transportation links, and worldly cuisine, London offers something for everyone. 

FAFSA and GI BILL funding and benefits 

Students have a variety of funding available. 


Surprise to many, some UK schools also accept FAFSA student loans and Veteran's Benefits! Each university also has a variety of scholarships dedicated to international students. 


Internship Opportunities 

Being in Europe whilst studying has many benefits for the future of American students studying there. One of which are PAID internships. This is a norm in the UK, and all interns must be compensated for their work. Whilst studying full time, students are allowed to work 20 hours a week. During breaks, this goes up to 40. 


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