Step into the new academic intake with confidence that your team will deliver this years International Recruitment targets


 Looking to recruit from North America? Here are ways Friesland Collective helped other UK university clients:

eduardo-dutra-620857-unsplashClient 1. International Student Recruitment (USA) Strategy for a New UK University 

This client has ambitious targets for student recruitment in North America and very short timelines to deliver. Friesland Collective worked with admissions and recruitment staff at the institution to create tangible tactics and strategies for a successful international recruitment intake.

Client 2. Expanding Brand Recognition and Reach in the United States for a Private UK University

With a limited budget and staffing to branch out into the United States, this client needed to embed a trusted digital solutions partner into its existing marketing strategy. In order to increase the institutions marketing communication effectiveness and target a specific group of students that matched this institution’s profile, Friesland Collective recommended and implemented Platform Q Education, a trusted partner for over 5 years. 

Client 3. Customer Experience Strategy for a Traditional UK University

This client has a strong pool of leads annually but a low conversion rate due to outdated and confusing messaging on their website and collateral. Friesland Collective created a series of targeted messaging to allow the client to build a personal connection with prospective students through a mix of digital and face- to- face methods.

Client 4. Competitive Assessments & Benchmarking for a Private New UK Institution

As a new UK institution, this client was eager to create a competitive product that appealed to the US audience. Friesland Collective carried out a series of competitive assessments in order to help the institution apply these in their programme creation and international communication strategy.

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